So, you've come up with something you want to do or a place you've wanted to go. So now the next step is how do you get ready for this adventure?

Let's first talk about cardio health. Cardio is important in any situation for endurance purposes as well as just general health. If you want to be doing activities for a long period of time, you will want to be working on cardio. The first step here is to discover what type of endurance activity you like and what is most related to what you want to do. I am personally a swimmer, as you can tell from my page. Swimming has been an important part of my life and made me realize how important physical activity is. This is what brought me to personal training. So maybe swimming isn't for you, but there are so many other options for cardiovascular exercise. There are things that you can do inside as well as outside, no matter where you live and no matter what season it is, there is always something you could be doing to improve your cardio health. Explore your options until you find something you can truly enjoy doing. Don't make it a task that you have to complete, rather something that you look forward to doing or something that you can use when you need it. 

Strength training goes hand in hand with cardio, one is never as good alone as they are together. There are various ways to strength train, resistance, weight baring, body weight, and endurance. There are absolutely cardio aspects to strength training, just like cardio training has strength benefits. Train for your adventure using different techniques that work your body in specific ways, while also working on an overall body strengthening. 

Nutrition is another very important aspect of training, training can't outdo a bad diet. In my past post, I talked about healthy, nutritious, whole foods and how they will provide you with the best possible fuel. Make sure you are eating appropriately, the correct amount, and in the right ratios. 

Finally, make sure you are stretching, this will be very beneficial to prevent injury and increase flexibility as well as assist with balance. Yoga is a great way to work on the stretching, balance, and mindfulness, as mental health is just as important and physical health. There are many types of yoga, so do no discount it immediately because of what others have told you or the one class you took. Explore other classes, and even other instructors of the same type of yoga. Every teacher brings a unique aspect to the session. I truly believe that yoga can benefit everybody in their own ways, sometimes it takes a little bit to find what is right for you, but once you do, it is so worth it.

So even if your adventure is not an endurance activity, or even very physically demanding, you still want to be ready for anything that comes your way. All of these forms of exercise help in day to day life as well as they craziest adventures you can think of. Its all about how you train and what you are working towards.