So we've hit late January and your New Years Resolution may be starting to wane and the motivation may not be there as strong as it was at the beginning of the month. Let's revisit those resolutions that were set at the beginning of 2018. 

If you're here, you probably made a resolution that has to do with nutrition and/or fitness. It may have had to do with just being overall healthier, losing weight, gaining muscle, or training for something. Everyone has their why and it's important to keep reminding yourself why you made the resolution in the first place. Have you made the same resolution every year and haven't stuck with it for a long period of time? Ask yourself why you haven't been able to make it any other year. There are probably variations on the reason it didn't work, but more likely than not they have been similar in nature every year. 

New Years Resolutions are interesting to me because a new year is just another day, and you can make a change any time you truly want to. It is made to seem as the perfect time to do it people get all amped up and when they do not see immediate changes they give up. 

One of the biggest things to remember during this period is that there are small immediate change that will be made, but the big changes come down the road with dedication. It may be hard at points, but that is when you will find you are going to have more success. It is hard to stick with something if you don't stay consistent, even when you don't want to.

One thing that I do appreciate about the new year is that it can be a good time to reset after the holidays are over, life and schedules go back to normal. The holidays are a tough time for most people with all of the rich, delicious foods that contain lots of calories, sugar and fat. Things are also crazy with schedules so it may be harder to plan meals and get to the gym. So if your holiday wasn't as disciplined as you were hoping it would be, this is the time to bring it back to a healthier lifestyle. Having a good schedule that you can stick to that allows you to plan workouts and meals helps a lot. 

So how are you staying motivated now that the original excitement has warn off? Well it is important to remember your why, but it is also important to remember that things do not happen over night and change takes time and is a process.

  1. Find a way to keep things interesting, fun, and exciting. With fitness finding a sport or activity that is months away can help you stay motivated. Sign up for a race or competition with enough time to get you in the swing of exercise and healthy eating. 
  2. Writing down your goals is extremely helpful as you can review it often as a reminder of why you started. Give yourself daily, weekly, and monthly goals along with your year goal in order to stay on top of it. throughout the year on a smaller scale.
  3. Be realistic. Don't set crazy goals that you aren't sure you can reach. Don't set yourself up to workout 7 days a week and cut out all sugar if you've never gone to the gym 7 days in a row before and if you have had bad success with diets in the past. Starting small with a realistic challenge will allow you to have an easier less stressful time of sticking to your goals. 
  4. Try new things. If you want to get in good shape but know you hate running don't do your cardio as a run, try an uphill walk, the elliptical, swimming, tennis, or any other types of cardio. If you are just getting into fitness try to find one thing that you really enjoy and do that for a while. Eventually broadening the things that you do is helpful, but just start small.
  5. Join in with some friends! If you are lacking that motivation try to find a friend that you can do it with. This may be a lot more fun to work with someone and see the progress that you can both make. You can both encourage, push and motivate each other to do better and reach higher.
  6. Think about making a lifestyle change. Being healthier is not about dieting and exercising to get to a goal and then going back to your normal life. Focus on making changes to your everyday routine to help it stick rather than just a quick diet.

Try one or all of these things to stay motivated as you are starting to hit that point where your motivation is starting to really drag!