Following day 1 being successful, I was a bit worried that today was going to be rough with the things I have read from other’s experiences. The one problem I had yesterday was the keto breath, others could not tell, however I just had this metallic taste in my mouth, which was really annoying. Today, there has been no issue with taste, which was a relief. I did have some mild tiredness and lack of energy, but I was also hungry when I was feeling that, so I think it was just a lack of calories at the time. I think I need to have higher calorie snacks during the day to keep me going. After large meals I feel ok for a while.

I walked at an incline on the tread mill for 30 min and weight lifted for 50 min, strength was a little lacking from usual, but even though I was tired I still moved quickly through the workout. I felt good after the workout and was able to eat a good lunch afterwards. I have to nail down timing a bit better and figure out on the go snacks a bit better so I can eat between clients.

My body seems to be adapting to the diet change pretty well, no horrible reactions so far, I started to crave carbs a little bit today, but nothing too bad. (Normally, it would be pretty horrendous- I do love carbs) It’s helpful to know that I really can’t have carbs (or very minimal) or it will knock me out of the process of getting into ketosis. I am still waiting for my strips to come in to check my ketones in my urine, which will be very helpful to see exactly where I am at.

I was a bit high on protein today, about 30 g, which is fairly substantial, so I will need to work on cutting a bit more protein and adding a little more fat. I have included my food diary for you to check out exactly what I did today!

I am really excited to see how I feel tomorrow and hopefully will have some of the fat changes in the first week.

Stay healthy and happy :)

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