So things have been a bit crazy over the past few days so I did not have the time to record each day of my experience, so I am going to combine the last few days into 1 post.

Things are going well so far! I have decided that this week, I was not overly concerned with the amount of calories, I had a max of 1700, which seemed to be good, but was more concerned about getting the correct macros. I did really well with the carbs, but I was a bit low on fat (not a ton, I was pretty close overall) and high with protein. The protein is the hardest one for me to lower, as a lot of the fat content food, has a decent amount of protein in it. Things like eggs and meat have a decent amount of fat, but also a lot of protein. Since this was a struggle for me, I decided to buy some MCT oil, which I have yet to use, but have plans to put it in tea tomorrow, as I make bulletproof tea, which also includes butter. I will post what I think about it after I try it, most people do this with coffee, but I try to drink minimal coffee, for not specific reason, other than not wanting to be dependent on it. I enjoy having it as a treat.

I am also trying to go with a bit of higher fat meats, but trying to stay as clean as I can with it. I want to keep the fats as healthy as possible, but I am definitely finding the need to eat some more saturated fats than I feel comfortable with.

I’ve been feeling pretty good with satiety and have not had too many issues with cravings. I have some when I see people eating things that I can’t, but know that it could kick me out of ketosis keeps me from having the food I am craving. Today I brought some Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate 60% individually packed chocolates to have as little cheats. I had 2 little squares tonight, but that is the first sugary food I have had since I started and I have made sure I was really low carb today, so it did not matter too much. Water has been super important in keeping me from overeating and from giving in to my cravings. I definitely eat more if I am not drinking enough water.

I also went out with friends today for a close friend’s birthday to a couple of bars. I went without any beer while we were there, which was fine, I still had a great time and enjoyed the company. I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable with not drinking while others are. I really am sticking with about 1-2 drinks per week, which a couple exceptions since the new year. It has definitely felt a lot better to not be drinking as much as I have in the past. When I do have a drink I am trying to make sure it is actually just one serving of that specific type of alcohol, and trying to stay away from any sort of added sweetener.

I finally got my keto strips today from, which I was super excited to try. According to my first strip I tried, I tested at 4.0 mmol/L, which seems to be a little high. My goal is to be between 15.-3.0 mmol/L, I am going to check it again a couple of times tomorrow to make sure that is actually correct. I am excited that this is going successfully so far and I am now going to be decreasing my caloric intake, really planning out my meals and increasing my exercise.

I have definitely noticed a decrease in size due to water retention, and potentially a little fat loss. I have taken the exercise easy this week as I have felt a bit tired, but nothing too crazy. I am hoping that as I get more rest coming up this week and continue to have the correct diet. Meal planning and prepping have been huge over the past week and this will be key moving forward.

One thing that I was surprised about last week was that I actually got my period due to the change. This is actually a normal thing that happen to women when they change into ketosis. Some women get this and then don’t get their period again. Others continue to have irregular periods, while even some others have this happen once and then go back to normal. I will keep the update on this as I continue with the diet.

Overall my mood has been good. Today I started to get agitated when I got hungry, normally I would just pick something up as a snack, but I can’t really do that with this diet. Again, planning and prepping are going to be my biggest friend here.

Now, that I have started to adjust to this lifestyle I am looking forward to taking it up a notch. My goal is to lose a total of 10-15 lb of fat in the next 3 months. It is going to be key that I stick with the diet right now. My body transitioned quickly and I have always been pretty good at dropping weight quickly when determined. I think this will be very good change for me in the current time. I am currently working on my routine for the month of march and how I am going to schedule out the month, this will be helpful and keep me on track. This weekend is getting shit done and prepping. I am taking a long weekend to get back on track in all aspects of my life. I will be doing some exercise, but not going crazy. My body has needed a little slow down while I catch up on my life for a few days. It’s ok to take some time!