I made it through week 1! Woohoo! I had no idea how this was going to go, so I’m pretty excited to make it through week 1 and into the second week. Week 1 went well, I lost about 8 lb in the 1 week, primarily water weight, but man I feel significantly smaller than I did a week ago. My energy level is up. I haven’t been as perfect as I would like, but have mostly been on top of what I needed to. Still struggling a bit with macros, but I’m getting better, knowing about how much I need of what food to keep carbs low and fat higher.

I’ve been doing a lot of research of recipes that are good on keto, calculating macros, and learning a lot about net carbs. Net carbs are super important, as they do help you figure out how many carbs you are actually digesting. The fiber in carbs does help take some of it out, so I’ve had to calculate to make sure I am at a good spot with everything. Avocados have a high amount of carbs, but they also have a significant amount of protein, so the carb amount goes down. Avocados are a must and very helpful.

I also purchased MCT oil, which is nice to put in coffee or tea. I made a bulletproof green tea yesterday which was delicious. I would definitely try it with other teas as well, but this time I used Green Tea with Mint. MCT oil is healthy for body function and it is a great source of fat. I have really had to just incorporate more fat into my diet through oils. It’s challenging to eat so much fat, but I am still working on it.

This weekend was a challenge as we were going out a decent amount, but I still stuck with the diet and when we went out I made sure everything was keto friendly, even checking with waitstaff when I ordered something. The only problem I truly had was the fact that the burger I ate out gave me food poisoning! It was gone in about 1.5 hours, which was really a miracle. I have discovered my body is really good at processing what I am putting into my body, I am thinking it’s really good due to my exercise and nutrition. That is very motivating. I was still able to eat food later that evening, which was nice to feel good enough to eat. I rarely get to feeling so horrible that I can’t eat, but when I do, it sucks!

I had a couple of cheats this weekend, but nothing too detrimental. I am still testing my ketone levels and that has been successfully between 1.5-4.0 mmol/L, so I have stayed in ketosis. I had a couple of 60% Ghiradelli chocolate squares and a couple of drinks. I had one 5 -10 oz glass of red wine on sunday night and a whisky flight (3 small shots) yesterday. I am trying to go this week without drinking alcohol. Going out for my friend’s birthday on Saturday and going to a couple of bars while my friends’ got beers and I drank water was tricky but was not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m actually totally ok with not drinking, if there is a time I really want a drink, I will stick with a keto friendly option and only drink a small amount. As for the chocolates, I was really craving something, so I bought these dark chocolate squares, but I don’t think they are dark enough. So I am trying to limit those and eat more during my meals to keep away from those dangerous things that keep me wanting more.

I’m feeling pretty good overall and am excited to see how this week goes. I don’t expect a huge weight change, but I would like to see it get down to 130 or below by the end of the week. Currently, I am at 132.7 and my weight last monday, my day 1, was 137.4. I am going to be working out more this week and continuing to stay on my plan. I need to continue recording my food and weight, so I can stay on track. I need to continue to pre plan food and make sure I am weighing and measuring, but I think this should good pretty well. I bought some things to make some sweets that are keto friendly and as long as I do those in moderation, I’m pretty excited about them!

I am excited to keep sharing my journey, and I hope that this helps someone understand what it does to the body!